Revelation of a Can

I have an obsession. Red and smooth, it holds twelve ounces of sweet
brown liquid. Every year I shriek in excitement over the latest edition of the
Coca-Cola Santa Can. “Santa Cans are coming, Santa Cans are coming,” echo the
commercials that make my heart beat faster. If I worked for the Coca-Cola
Company this might seem like a shameless plug for their product, but in reality it
is just one of many quirks in my personality. I suppose it could still be a
shameless plug. Drink Coke. Buy Santa Cans. They will bring you happiness.

There is nothing greater than a pop can with the jolliest of all elves
pictured on it. His twinkling eyes, and long cottony beard appear at the bottom
of the can and he grins as though he has a special secret. Perhaps heÂ’s looking at
me right now and saying, “Oh, that’s Katie Leas, she’s getting more people to see
the beauty of Christmas thatÂ’s all wrapped up in an aluminum can with my face
on it. I’ll forget about the time she…yep, she goes on the nice list.”

Now that I have got people interested, I can begin to explain why Santa
Cans are so miraculous. ItÂ’s true that they do not cure cancer, or world hunger,
but they do provide joy to people like me, the poor. I cannot afford sparkly
diamonds to make me smile, so I buy twelve-packs of Coca-Cola decorated with
Santa Clause (sorry, WriterÂ’s pun.) There are even snowflakes on the 2000

A few years ago, the Coca-Cola Company decided to really make a killing
on these cans by creating more than one design for the season. One featured a
deer and Santa Claus, another a small child and the largest elf. This year three
very happy, multicultural children are depicted peering at Santa Claus and his
bag full of Coke bottles. (Personally, I could do without the extras; all I want is
to see the Coke Santa on my pop can!)

I do not recall the first time that I saw one of these cans, nor do I
remember when I first became enamored with them. But, I am addicted to them
now the way I am addicted to caffeine and chocolate. I need a bit every day.
Santa Cans are essential to my soul. They give me control over the holiday
season that I would not normally have. They give me something cheerful when I
am listening to Christmas music. They give me hope that some day I will have a
beautiful, magazine cover holiday.

I try to share my exuberance with others. Perhaps if they see how I view
the importance of the Santa Cans, they will see them as special, instead of merely
overlooking them time after time in the grocery store. Reactions to my
excitement vary. Some people just stare at me and probably wonder what I was
smoking that day, and people who know me just laugh and say, “Well, that’s
Katie!” I don’t know if anyone truly is swayed by my passionate discourses on
the beauty and importance of Santa Cans. But, they should be.

Were you?

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