Part of finding wholehearted wellness is devoting time to things that align with my values, goals and overall life desires. I want to be a published writer. It is the only vision I’ve ever clearly seen for myself when people ask what I would do if I could do anything. I’d write and people would pay to read my writing. And there would be a home office with a wooden desk overlooking lush, old trees.

When I was in high school and college I found a talent for writing personal essays, a skill that translated well to the adaptations of the internet and blogging. I get to write micro-essays. However, I have a heart for fiction. People may consider me patient while I contentedly wait in lines or traffic, but all the while I’m making up stories in my head. Sometimes they are about me — around Oscars time they tend to involve me winning an Oscar and hob-nobbing with my new celeb besties (they are just like everyone else!) and sometimes they are about the people around me.

My problem with fiction, other than sitting down and just writing, has always been plot development. I just don’t know what to do with people sometimes, though I seem to be good at figuring out movie and book plots. Go figure. I decided to work on this challenge by not working on it. Instead, I’m going to focus on writing regularly and creating characters. I figure if I birth interesting people, a story might create itself.

So, good luck to me. I’m starting with a character profile of me. Or maybe a space princess. I guess we’ll see who wants to come alive.

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