I last wrote about how much I wanted a shapely bottom, but other than that I haven’t written much about my goals. Everyone on a “weight loss journey” (if you just yacked at that phrase, you’re welcome! – wait, purging is NOT a good solution! re-regurgitate now) needs goals. Multiple goals. I started at a top weight of 246 pounds earlier this year. My “oh my God I’m so awesome and happy and woo-hoo golden rainbow unicorns” weight is 125. That means I need to lose 121 pounds. Yep, I want to lose half of my body. So, with such a large, daunting goal (like my current flat ass! actually, more like my bulging stomach) I have to break it down to smaller goals. Each week I look for a loss. I shoot for 1.5 lbs each week, but as long as the scale is going down and not up, I’m okay. I’ve had a few stagnant weeks. They really bring on the self doubt, but they are usually the result of water retention or other retention. (or sickness)

Anyway, each week I look at my 10 pound benchmarks. At my last weigh in I was 233 pounds. My next benchmark is 229. Then 219. Then 209. Then..199. And so on.

My mid-size goal is 200 lbs.

I can feel my body changing, and right now, slow and steady is enough for me.

But I want the dream.

Rainbow Brite and Starlight

2 thoughts on “Goals for Girls”

  1. Many girls take the easy way out, like yacking, but your method is much wiser. I love your blog!

  2. Way to set small goals for yourself! That is really the only way to achieve them…that total lose can sometimes feel daunting.
    Congrats on your success

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