From my current vantage point I can see the backs of houses, the greenish grass, and of course, felines. It’s the first day of Spring and I’m in “The Office of the Queen.” (this is the name I’ve given my guest room/office for the purpose of checking in on foursquare.) In all my fantasies of being a writer, or at least of having a home office, I’ve always imagined a desk placed with a view of nature. I can stare for hours in silence. This is essential for meditation procrastination.

Yesterday as I was driving home from my morning errands (it’s amazing how many people hit up the Costco on a Saturday morning as soon as it opens! I also found the same odd appeal at Michael’s and Dick’s.) I had what you might call an epiphany, only that seems sort of trite and exaggerated for what it really was – just sudden clicking into place of a desire – my perfect house/office would be on a second or third story overlooking a lake. (or some other non-tropical body of water.) Now, I’m not into water sports or boats, but I am into water foul. Watching geese makes me a little warm and fuzzy.

I’m supposed to be figuring out what to do with the little patch of land which lines the walkway to my front door. I have bushes you see. Unruly, smelly bushes. I purchased hedge clippers yesterday which is kind of scary and awesome because I can go all Edward Scissorhands on my yucky bushes – only, I would prefer to uproot them completely. This creates a whole new level of strategic landscape planning. What tools do I need? How will I dispose of the remains? Will I be left with giant gaping holes in the ground? How many times will I accidentally hit myself in the face with a yard tool? However, if I get rid of the smelly bushes, it clears the path for scraping off the nasty wood chips. But whatever I will most certainly impact my pathway sharing neighbor. Symmetry will be lost. But is that a bad thing?

I’ve considered 5 scenarios with my landing strip (what?):

  1. Simply trim the hedges to an acceptable size and shape
  2. Remove the hedges and chips and spread out wildflower seed
  3. Remove the hedges and chips and plant other stuff like herbs and veggies
  4. Removes hedges and chips and lay out stones/pebbles
  5. None of the above. Leave it as is – with netted lights and all.

Obviously, I need to do more research on proper technique, supplies, and disposal (gardening gloves would be a good start, eh?) I have a real urge to somehow incorporate strawberry pots.

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