There are two times of day when I really like my house. One of them is right now. The “just before bed” time. All I can hear is the clock ticking (and now, my fingers typing). The lights are dim and warm and the cats are still. Every beat is peace. Soon, I’ll be upstairs and I’ll turn over in the bed and smile at the softness of the sheets (flannel!) I’ll bury myself deep under the fluff of the silky down comforter. And then I will drift.

My other favorite time is morning – dawn and early morning when only the true morning people are stirring. I feel cheated if I miss this time of day. Everything is new. New minutes. New sun. New clouds. New birds. New me. Everything is still and kinetic. (buzzing?)

I love the times when the world is on mute and I’m controlling the volume.

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