There is a giant, angry rat. He taunts me. He waits for me. But he does not tarry while I work. He is gone when I am free.

Sadly, when I Google “giant rat protest in kansas city” the results are inconclusive. Is no one writing about this? HAS NO ONE SEEN THE GIANT FUCKING RABID RAT?! and the dudes with picket signs?

When I Googled “rat protest” I garnered more interesting results. Apparently, giant inflatable rats are not uncommon when protesting. In fact, it’s a been a union protest symbol for years. Just so you know, it’s never good to be startled by a giant rat while driving.  A spider once dropped down from the ceiling of my car while I was driving to work and it’s some sort of miracle that I didn’t crash because I immediately forgot I was driving and panicked so the icky spider wouldn’t creepy crawl all over me.

I’m not entirely sure who or what the protesters are beefing against, but I’ll try to focus on the signs tomorrow – it’s just kind of hard to read their signs when there’s a crazy rodent on the side of the road – well, one that’s at least 10 ft tall and not dead or eating garbage.

Anyhow, I got tired of not being able to share the rat with anyone, so I risked life and limb to capture it with my iPhone while driving. Don’t worry, I swerved back into my own lane before colliding head on with a motorcycle. We coo.

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