Dear Tremendous,

Yes, that’s you. I know I usually write to the unwashed masses or Jen Lancaster (I seriously have to stop associating Jen Lancaster to the unwashed masses and people with bad toilet etiquette – I’d be getting a complex.) What else? Oh yes. Well, Jen Lancaster wrote about creepy and awful letters and emails on her blog yesterday. This was after a series of tweets in the same vein. Apparently, she’s received more than one crazed letter/email of late and had had enough! Good for her, but it caused an OH SHIT moment for me. Despite what some boys men boys males may think, my main goal in life is not to be a creepy stalker type.

First, I’ve never emailed JL. I simply write letters to the “great Jen Lancaster in the sky.” She probably hasn’t read them. (though for a sad 5 minutes last night I thought she was following the KC_JenLancaster Twitter account – and then I looked more closely and realized I was on “Following” not “Followers.”)

I don’t show up in the first 5 pages on Google searches for Jen Lancaster. (and really? no one is getting that far.) However, I am first for Letters to Jen Lancaster. Because I’m sure a TON of people search that. I want to come off as quipppy and quirky, but genuine and respectful. Do I want her to come to KC for her next book tour? yes. But Kansas City is a great city with an amazing community of readers, writers, and well, just about everything else that makes a city vibrant and warm. This is home.

I write my letters because I want to express something. Do something. The follower base is very small, which just means I must kind of suck at PR or online marketing implementation (shit.) I don’t want to be Jen Lancaster’s best friend. But there’s something about seeing an actual flesh and blood person versus black ink on printed paper. Words are not voice. Humanity. I live in books. They keep me from truly doing the hard stuff. Hurting people, hurting myself. It’s about writing. Trying. Finding some pathway to feeling and understanding.

I write to Jen Lancaster for me. Because I am a writer.

And I hope that if she ever does read my letters or my blog that she sees the heart of the matter.

I’m just an almost-thirty, not quite blonde, not quite brunette, wanted to be Felicity Porter or Donna Moss…gal.

Maybe I just wrote my un-letter to Jen Lancaster.

Truestly yours,

Blondette aka Katie

(also, the title makes me think of Sonnets from the Portuguese which you should totally read.)

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