Dear Jen Lancaster,

This is my very sad attempt to get you to come to Kansas City, Missouri on your next book tour. Or the Kansas side, but I recommend the Missouri side because I won’t have to drive as far. But our friends at Rainy Day Books host a lot of author events and I will drive for you. (but not to St. Louis because I-70 kind of sucks.)

  1. We’re better than St. Louis (which you’ve visited)
  2. We have lots of smoked, BBQ meats. (Some of them in gas stations. gas station meatisn’t that alluring?)
  3. We have me and my BFF, Tammi and we did not win the Stennifer BFF contest. *frown*
  4. I might have to pull a John C. Mayer on you until you get me banned in Google. (Ask William A. Shatner how it feels.)
  5. We have a lot of delicious cupcakes.

I’d like to see you in person so I know that you really do exist. Just like Santa Claus and Giant Talking M&Ms. And I want proof because I want empirical evidence that there is a chance in Hell that a Midwestern girl can write her way to never having to apologize for cat puke, bad jokes, whining, and a preoccupation with her hair- that in fact, instead of apologizing, she will entertain (and not weird out) anyone who happens to read her blog.

So, I’m taking a page out of your book (ha! should I say pages?) and writing you a letter. (and I’ll keep writing)


Katie Leas, not a creepy fan

2 thoughts on “Dear Jen Lancaster – A Letter”

  1. We are WAY better than St. Louis, if only because we have a Katie and a Tammi. Dear Jen Lancaster, we tried to win the besties lunch!! Shouldn’t we get another chance? 🙂

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