Why, it’s my birthday too!

Here are some facts that would lead you to believe you are Katie Leas, born February 21, 1981:

  1. Your legal name is Catherine Marie
  2. You were almost named Sarah (nobody doesn’t like!)
  3. You were named after both of your great-grandmothers on your mom’s side and your grandmother on your father’s side (middle name)
  4. Your 30th birthday is next year on a national holiday- President’s Day
  5. shit, did you just say 30?
  6. The doctor wasn’t so sure you were coming out – his name? Dr. Mabee.
  7. You were born on a military base.
  8. You were a temperate and happy baby who liked mud puddles and sitting in baskets.
  9. Catherine with a “C,” Katie with a “K” – confusing people on the other end of the phone for 29 years.
  10. You learned your real first name sometime before kindergarten and subsequently when there were 2 Katie’s in your class, you spoke up and said, your real name was Catherine and you could go by that.
  11. aka: Kate Marie, Katie Duwee (really need to ask my godparents about that one), Bubbles/BubblesMcGee, Kat, Princess Mary LaLa
  12. You share a birthday with your aunt- Happy Birthday Mary Kay!
  13. Your best birthday so far was your 21st because you were surrounded by so many friends.
  14. Your worst birthday was your 26th.
  15. You’re thankful your parents didn’t stop after Brian.
  16. You were 3 weeks late. See, Tammi, I’ve actually improved!
  17. The Showbiz Pizza robot band is still scary!!!
Katie Leas as a baby.
Me when I was still fresh.

One thought on “You Might be Katie Leas if: Part YOU SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!”

  1. Haaaahaha!! You HAVE improved! I’ll lay off of my clock watching…for a while…I can’t just stop altogether you see.

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