1. Facing scary Wal-Mart with April
  2. Sonic Happy Hour
  3. Clearance remnant fabric that just happens to be perfect for my bedroom decor
  4. Kelly Clarkson (My life. would SUCK. withooout you!)
  5. Sonic Happy Hour
  6. The dog in the drive-thru
  7. Cadbury Cream Eggs (3 pts on WW)

2 thoughts on “Things I Love This Afteroon”

  1. Wal-Mart is way more fun with a friend.

    I was trying to turn around in my seat when we were at Sonic so I could holler at you to make sure you saw the cute dog. Then I saw that you were in the process of taking a picture of said dog & realized we were on the same page. My limeade was a delight.

  2. I couldn’t get a good picture of that dog! I was sooooo sad because he was being so cute resting his head.

    My drink was gone in under an hour.

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